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We are young farmers growing and raising healthy food at its best taste.

Zell's farm started from 2019 and it will be our sixth year next year of 2024. We are young farmers that love growing healthy & tasty food and in its best original flavors.   We specialize in specialty mushrooms & mushroom products, pastured chicken & specialty vegetables.

There is always a why story for every young farmer. Ours started from a dozen of amazing eggs we bought from a country road sidewalk cooler on one of our country view seeing trips. You couldn't find any eggs from the stores that can taste that good. Then we moved on buying vegetables and meat from local farms in NJ whenever we drove to the country areas on the weekends, which had much better flavors and tasted much better without adding all kinds of spices.  So we started our own garden in our backyard to learn and test growing all kinds of vegetables we like. At the same time we had our first baby after two years of trying. We both believe eating healthy made it happen for us to have children. We want our kids growing up eating real and healthy food. Then we decided to move on serious farming and here we are. 

We don't use any herbicides or pesticides in our soil and on our produce. We don't use any antibiotics or hormones in our chicken feed. Our field is not as tidy looking as conventional farms. During growing season our field is very weedy. Our vegetables don't have the beautiful look like grocery store ones. But they are very healthy and tasty.