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Collection: CSA 2021

We offer pickup at our farm stand and Trenton farmer's market for all our CSA options. We also have home delivery CSA option in 2021( Home delivery CSA needs to meet the minimum delivery purchasing amount in each county). The vegetable CSA, mushroom CSA and egg CSA start from May 1st and end on Dec 31st, total 35 weeks. The Cut Flower CSA starts from Jun 1st and ends on Oct 31st, total 22 weeks. The add-on shares are only for CSA members who order a regular all season CSA. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

This year we will only use reusable mesh bags for the CSA shares. We will provide one free reusable bag set for each member. In order to have exchanging bags, we will need CSA customer to have an extra set, which requires $20 deposit(refundable at the end of the year).

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